Self-Assessment for Waived Testing

The Waived Self-Assessment is an educational tool that evaluates your laboratory processes through the path of workflow. In the medical laboratory, “path of workflow” is defined as the sequence of activities beginning with the initiation of a request for healthcare services, all the way through the delivery of those services. Simply stated, it represents the path a patient specimen follows as it moves through the laboratory; i.e., test orders and specimen collection and receiving (pre-analytic phase), testing (analytic phase), and result reporting (post-analytic phase).

Do not be surprised if some phases of your laboratory operation do not initially meet the waived requirements. Take enough time while completing the questions to understand the requirements and make plans to correct non-compliant criteria you identify.

Be sure to consider each test system and every test, and each and every person filling designated positions in the laboratory as you answer the questions. Any partial noncompliance should be answered as a “no.” Only 100 percent compliance in every instance qualifies for a “yes” answer.

To help you with the compliance related to any “no” answers on the Waived Self-Assessment, you will find useful information and templates in the Waived Testing Manual, which is also available to you on the website.

We recommend that the laboratory repeat the Waived Self-Assessment twice a year to assure continual compliance, quality performance, and readiness.

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