Program Instructions

Instructions for participation in the
Self-Assessment Waived Testing program

Thank you for your participation in this important program.  We share your concern for the quality of waived testing on your patients.  Our goal is to identify tools that most significantly impact adherence to good laboratory practices by your testing staff.

Your contact for this program is Irwin Rothenberg.  He can be reached at 800-981-9883, ext. 3734, or

Please follow the instructions below, in the order listed:

  1. Prior to beginning the program, please complete a short questionnaire regarding the waived testing performed at your facility.  Please make sure that the questionnaire has been submitted to CRI before proceeding.
  2. Review the “Waived Testing Manual” to familiarize yourself and your staff with requirements and good laboratory practices for waived testing located under the “Resources” tab here.
  3. Complete the Self-Assessment, using the form provided. Keep the summary email for your records.
  4. Continue your normal laboratory operations for six months, using the knowledge that you have gained from the Waived Testing Manual and Resources in Step 2.
  5. After approximately six months, complete the Follow-Up Self-Assessment . Keep the summary email for your records.
  6. After you have submitted the second Self-Assessment form to CRI, you will receive a program assessment questionnaire link via email.  Please complete the questionnaire promptly and click submit to send to CRI.